Scott Henderson


Scott Henderson, a multifaceted individual with an extraordinary journey, has made significant strides in both his professional and personal life. His background encompasses dedicated military service, a notable career in law enforcement, and a thriving entrepreneurial venture in the health and fitness industry.


Military and Law Enforcement Career

Scott embarked on his military career in 1987, demonstrating exceptional skill and commitment in various challenging roles. After serving his country with distinction, he transitioned into law enforcement. In the police force, Scott excelled in proactive roles, leveraging his military experience to make impactful contributions to community safety and security, gaining commendations for two arrests that required physical robustness and investigative initiative. 

Passion for Fitness and Sports

A lifelong passion for fitness and sports has been a cornerstone of Scott’s journey. He actively participates in swimming, water polo, and cross-country skiing, showcasing his dedication to physical health and well-being. This commitment extends beyond personal pursuits, influencing his professional endeavours as well.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish “1MoreRep”, a fitness venture that quickly gained traction in the health and fitness sector. Under his leadership, the venture and numerous clients have flourished, reflecting his deep understanding of the industry and his ability to inspire and motivate others towards achieving their fitness goals.

Personal Life

In addition to his professional achievements, Scott is an avid traveller who enjoys exploring new cultures and experiences with his partner. This aspect of his life adds to his diverse and rich perspective, further enhancing his appeal as a multifaceted individual who overcame personal challenges related to transitioning from military service, leading to significant personal growth. This experience has cultivated resilience, a deeper understanding of mental health, and the ability to inspire and empower others. Now confidently applying these insights and skills to make a meaningful contribution in civilian life 

Future Aspirations

Scott’s future aspirations are centered around advancing his qualifications and dedicating himself to a thriving career in the health and fitness industry. His journey is marked by relentless growth, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Equally important is his strong desire to help others, aiming to positively impact lives through his expertise and passion in health and fitness.

Contact Information

Scott Henderson


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 7837 593915