Personal Training


Start Personal Training today and receive a tailor made personalised program to suit your needs and your goals. 

Work with our dedicated Personal Trainer Norbert to get guaranteed results. We keep you in constant check with our programs using a sophisticated app, so that we can maximise your results!


You won’t be told what to eat but how to eat and learn about nutrition along the way. We all have to take responsibility for what we put into our bodies. You will be mentored into nutritional habit change that will lead a lifetime not only for you you but for your family.


Marathons, triathlons, mudder training and endurance based events – our trainers specialise in endurance and event training, no matter what your event we can help you hit a new PB or if it is your first event help you get through the first one.​

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Getting injured is a part of life, it should not stop you from achieving fitness goals; If you think your body has done its lot the think again. Your mobility and strength will be assessed and a correct strategy will be put in place get your back where you want to be for the long term.


For some, fitness is a part of life that comes naturally, for others it needs to be worked on. No matter your mind set or status when it comes to fitness, we can help you make training and healthy living become a regular enjoyable part of your day.


We like to keep things simple including our pricing. You can choose from a 5-session or 10-session package. Your sessions will be held outdoors, in your home, online or a combination of those depending on your goals and preference.


£ 275

Exercise Technique Correction
Weight Loss
Injury Prevention
Joint Pain Reduction
Increased Energy


£ 500

Exercise Technique Correction
Weight Loss
Injury Prevention
Joint Pain Reduction
Increased Energy


Experience what 1 MORE REP personal training can do for your first hand! Have a commitment-free conversation with Scott, discuss your fitness goals and learn how to optimise your workouts. ​If you choose to work with us, that’s great. If not, that’s cool too. 


Although every bootcamp is different, they all have some things in common. They combine cardio and strength training to give you a full-body workout. They get your blood pumping and your heart beating. They will make you sweat. They will challenge you. And they will get you fit.

Everyone, there’s no ‘typical’ client. Our bootcamps are designed for people of all ages and all fitness levels. We have bootcampers who have become so good they have become personal trainers, we have bootcampers who do marathons and we have Mums and Dads who hadn’t worked out in years. Our boot campers are from all walks of life and all age groups. And the best thing is that after just a few bootcamp sessions they are all good friends.

Every bootcamper has their own personalized training program, everyone advances at the pace that suits them and no one is ever left behind.

It depends what it is you want. Are you hoping to lose those last few vanity kilos? You can do that. Are you hoping to finally find a program that results in real long term weight loss? You can do that too. Do you want to build strength, increase muscle mass, get in shape to run a marathon? You can do all of that as well. whatever your personal fitness goals we’ll help you meet, and then exceed, them.

Lots of us are pretty curious about the training the armed forces go through but most people don’t have the chance to experience it for themselves. Until now that is. The 1 More Rep bootcamp provides a very different experience than you will get at a gym, even if you work out with a personal trainer there.

A bootcamp allows you to become part of a team, a team that’s a tight group that support and encourage each other to meet and beat their fitness goals. 1 More Rep makes use of the kind of training that people have to go through to make in the most elite branches of the British military. And it’s not just about the physical stuff, our bootcamps build mental fitness and confidence as well.

We do, as real fitness depends on both physical fitness and a healthy diet. Nothing we suggest is crazy or unmanageable and you can take our advice and adjust it to suit your lifestyle and your tastes. Nothing is formal either, we just love to share what has worked for us and hope will do the same for you.

Probably, at least at first, these are some pretty intense workouts. But that gets better as time goes on. And if you think things are getting too easy, we’ll ramp things up so you can keep getting even stronger, even fitter and build even more endurance.

Yes! If it’s raining we’re still training. We train in all weathers, training outdoors increases endurance and helps aid the immune system.
Registration is a must prior to attending your first session as there is a medical questionnaire and consent form to fill in.
No two 1 More Rep sessions are ever quite the same. You can expect lots of circuit training, obstacle courses, strength training, agility training and lots more. Basically you can expect to SWEAT. And, because no two sessions are the same, to never get bored.
There is no weekly session requirement. If you want to come several times a week, go ahead. If you can only make it once or twice a week that’s fine too. The more often you come the faster you’ll see results, but we also know that people are busy and have lives. However the one thing we do recommend is that you join us at least once a week. And the fact is a lot of our bootcampers enjoy their sessions so much they go out of their way to attend them as often as they can.
Everyone experiences results at a different rate. Some people notice a difference in performance and endurance in a week, for some it takes a little longer. In terms of visual results, most people start seeing those in 3-4 weeks (as long as they are following our advice about healthy diets)
Yes. Your workout is personalized, so if you have a limitation it’s taken into consideration. We’re not out to hurt anyone! We’ll create the most intense workout you can handle within those limitations. And, in some cases, the fitter people get, the less things like a bad back or a dodgy knee bother them, as their bodies change and they gain strength.
Sometimes, but not in a mean or degrading way. You’ll never be shamed. The yelling when it happens is all about extra encouragement, and to add motivation. Nothing we do at 1 More Rep is designed to embarrass or upset anyone. It’s all about getting fitter, having fun and BUILDING confidence, not knocking it down.
A lot. Increased confidence. New friends. A better social life. You’ll learn how to work better as a part of a team, which might help you at work. You’ll be healthier and happier (there’s research to prove it) You’ll reduce stress. And you’ll have a really good laugh.